Deacon Gary Nosacek

Deacon Gary Nosacek currently serves at Sts. Peter and Paul and Three Holy Women parishes in Milwaukee. He formerly was the host of the nationally syndicated children’s radio show, SECRET CLUBHOUSE, which featured a number of shows with circus and ice show performers, as well as rodeo cowboys. Due to those past experiences, about two years into his diaconate, Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee asked him to become part of the USCCB’s Circus and Traveling Show Ministry. At the time of Deacon Gary’s appointment to Circus and Traveling Shows, the Archbishop jokingly said,” I need a guy to do this. Who else would I send?”

Deacon ” G”, as the students at Catholic East Elementary call him, visits circus all over Wisconsin and can frequently be seen hanging around Circus World Museum in Baraboo during its summer season. He also has been known to be among the visiting “pastors and reverends” at the Wrangler World Championship Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas. Recently, he became the first person wearing a Roman Collar to fly weightless aboard G Force One, the plane theastronauts lovingly call The Vomit Comet. That flight has now expanded his title to, “Milwaukee’s circus, rodeo and space deacon!”

When not serving in the Milwaukee Archdiocese, or on the road visiting traveling shows, Deacon Gary and his wife Dr. Cindy can be found at Three Holy Women’s sister parish in Padibe, Uganda. Cindy works and teaches at the medical clinic there and the deacon assisting the parish priest as needed.

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